Posted by: marinvit | 2008

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers were brought into weddings to represent new life, never-ending love, purity and fertility. The groom wears a flower that appears in the bridal bouquet, to signify his declaration of love. Bouquets traditionally consisted of flowers and herbs. Some bouquets also contained dill, since it was believed that dill promoted desire. After the ceremony, the dill would be eaten for that purpose.

An Irish bride insists on having lavender in her bouquet, as it signifies good luck and happiness. Tossing the bouquet comes from an English tradition where women would attempt to tear pieces of the bride’s dress and flowers to possibly obtain some of her good fortune. To escape from the women, the bride would toss her bouquet into the crowd and run away. It is believed today that the woman that catches the bouquet will be the next to marry.

Though some trends have blossomed and others have wilted, one thing remains true: flowers are a great way to make a highly personal statement. Here are some factors that can be considered to choose a particular type of flower:

Color is the first factor to be considered. A wedding bouquet must match the wedding gown of the bride and the other decorations. Apart from flowers, many types of ribbons, beads and baubles can be used for this purpose.

Another way to personalize a bouquet is to choose flowers that match the personality of the bride or is expressive of her background. For instance, a bride may choose to show off her Norwegian heritage by including purple heather — Norway’s signature flower. Or she might pair the groom’s and her birth-month blooms.

Bouquets can also be fashioned by keeping in mind the family tradition. The bride may carry the blooms her mother had carried for her wedding, or can wrap her bloom with her grandmother’s scarf to give it a vintage feeling.

Flowers can also be chosen for sentimental value. For example, a bride can carry flowers which the groom had given to her on their first date, or can make a bouquet of his favorite flowers. This will make the bouquet more special and personalized. The wedding flowers can also be in tune with the surrounding environment. These are a few tips to make wedding bouquets more personal and unique, but the ultimate choice, as always, remains with the bride!


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