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Wedding Bouquet

The flowers are a part of our life, excite and make us happy and also the flowers give us a reason to show the purest and sincerest feelings. A flower will never be associated to the lie, hypocrisy and cheat. By itself, the flower can command respect and also bring to light the deepest emotions.

More often, the flowers are the messenger of love and passion and respect, making the eyes and especially the soul happy. Therefore maybe the wedding bouquet is one of the most important accessories for a bride to be. In the most special moment in a girl’s life, all has to be perfect as she always dreamed. And the wedding bouquet is for the bride, she is carrying it during all day long. That’s way she’s the one who chooses the flowers, her favorite flowers and her favorite colors. Because the flowers will complete the bride and put forward her feelings and her unique personality.
The bridal bouquet has its meaning. Besides the fact that the flowers will be an unforgettable memory, the wedding bouquet is the natural perfume of the bride. Because every flower spreads a special and unique scent, the flavor of love.

There are specialized persons who are saying that the wedding flowers have to assort to external elements as restaurant, decorations, guests, wedding themes. It’s not true. All it matters is the bride’s wishes and spirituality.
There are flowers for romantic or strong personality or modern thinking or classic brides. We are not speaking about the wedding bouquet’s shape. There is another article about. We want to suggest you, as a future bride, the flowers for you to enjoy your wedding and to feel perfect in your shoes.

A romantic bride will choose discreet, tender and delicate flowers: lilies-of-the-valley, freesias, tulips, lisianthus, orchids, jasmines, arranged in a free and very simple style, without glassy accessories. She prefers white simple color or dull tones of cream, violet, pink. This bride wants her to be sensual and pure and the flowers to complete her and never to be the wedding attraction.

There are roses for the classic brides, white roses round arranged. For the classic-joyful brides, the perfect wedding bouquet will be a multicolor round rose bouquet. The classis-daring future wife will carry a completely red rose bouquet or the rose bouquet garnished with red or pink or orange or yellow mini roses. We can include here the lilies, but they also fit to the strong-personality brides.

To an elegant bride we are recommending calla lilies. If you want to be pure and simple, yet elegant, we think that the white calla lilies are the perfect flowers for you. If she wants to catch the guest’s eyes, she has to choose a white and other favorite color combination (red calla lilies would be our suggestion) for calla lily wedding bouquet. Also if it’s fall, violet, burgundy or orange calla lilies will be the perfect choice. For a spring wedding and also a happy bride, calla lilies in a multicolor bright bouquet will light up your face. The calla lilies lend to an original combination with eucalyptus leaves or Hypericum berries or Mistletoe.

If you are a strong personality person, fit yourself a wedding bouquet with dominant shaped flowers. The lilies, Amaryllis, Flamingo flower (Anthurium), Bird-of-paradise-flower (Strelitsia), Protea flower, Nerine, Delphinium, Vlam Leucospermum, Tuberose, Leucadendron are flowers for you to be original and to amaze.

There are modern wedding bouquets for modern brides. In this case, the florist or floral designer is the person who takes the decision. It’s his art. He can mix flowers from any floral category and put together flowers with different shapes and colors. The bride chooses the main line for the bridal bouquet and the florist has to know the bride’s preferences for flowers and accessories.

Flowers for happy bouquets: Alstroemeria, gerbera, sunflower, delicate anemones, Asclepias, Lilac, Australian bells, Aster, daisy, peony, daffodil, hyacinth, gladiolus, corn flowers etc.

The berries branches are beautiful, original and chic accessories for a bridal bouquet. We want to give you some suggestions: Hypericum, Mistletoe, Bittersweet, Cotoneaster, Winterberry, Magic berry, Crabapple, Hibiscus pods, Mountain ash, Pyracantha, Pepper berry, Snowberry etc.

Hoping that we’ve given you the best suggestions and we’ve been helpful, we are now wishing you best and “Happy Marriage!”. Brides from all over the world, be proud of you, smile and enjoy your moment! Take the good energy from flowers, by feeling their perfume!



  1. lovely pictures, thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

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