Posted by: marinvit | 2009

Flowering tree

A flowering tree is best planted for spring blooming in the fall when dormant, however, container flowering trees can be planted any season, but preferably fall and winter is best. Gardeners can buy many colors of flowering trees: red, white, yellow, peach, pink, plum, lavender, blue, and apricot. You can buy a flowering tree that can bloom during any season: fall flowering, winter flowering, and spring flowering when most trees bloom, and then, summer flowering.

424750The weather is a determining factor in tree flowering; some trees require chilling, yet other flowering trees require hot, humid temperatures. The flowering dogwood tree, Cornus florida, blooms in Florida in March, but it can flower in Tennessee in April, largely because of the temperature differences. A flowering apricot tree, Prunus mume, can bloom in Georgia in January, but in Illinois, the flowering is delayed until April or May, depending on the large temperature difference. Flowering cherry trees bloom in red, pink, and white colors, and some varieties bloom over a period of one to two months.

Flowering magnolia trees of the Japanese cultivar, Magnolia stellata, and Magnolia x soulangiana can bloom in winter, with colors of red, white, pink, and purple, yet the Southern flowering magnolia tree, Magnolia grandiflora, blooms during the summer with large, white, fragrant flowers. The Sweetbay flowering magnolia, Magnolia virginiana, blooms in summer and fall. Magnolia flowering trees can bloom any month of the year, some evergreen, some deciduous.

Flowering crape myrtle (crepe myrtle) trees have been hybridized to flower in spectacular colors of red, pink, white, lavender, and purple during the summer and fall. Some crape myrtle flowering trees will rebloom and others flower over a period of 90 days.

Flowering crabapple trees bloom mainly in the spring in flower colors of white, red, peach, plum, and apricot. Not only are the large blooms fragrant on the flowering crabapple tree, but plum red fruit grows for wildlife during the fall. The fruit of the flowering crabapple tree can be made into crabapple jam or crabapple jelly.

Flowering cherry trees are native (Prunus caroliniana) to the U.S., and the beautiful Japanese Kwanzan and Yoshino, flowering cherry, hybrid trees blossom in Washington, D.C. During the Spring as an exciting American National Treasure. Civic pageants are held to celebrate Spring festivals at the Nation’s Capitol, Washington, D.C. at Macon, Ga., and other cities and are scheduled to begin with the blossoming of the Japanese, flowering cherry tree.

Grafted flowering, crabapple trees bloom with fully red, white or pink flowers very early in the Spring. Flowering dogwood trees bloom to announce the arrival of spring in colors of red, white or pink. Flowering plum trees are fragrant and white in native or grafted forms, developed as Japanese hybrid cultivars.

Flowering pear trees are fully covered with white, one-inch flowers as grafted hybrids developed by scientists to grow in Northern and Southern gardens. Fall and Winter flowering trees, such as camellia, cassia and apricot, bloom in seasons where color and fragrance are rare. Flowering peach trees are available to buy in colors of red, white, pink and peppermint.


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