Posted by: marinvit | 2009

Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangement has become increasingly popular as a hobby. Even tough flowers are already beautiful in their natural form; they need to be creatively arranged once cut in order to give them a great look especially when they are mixed with a variety of other flowers. A beautifully arranged flower can be a feast to the eyes and soothing to the soul hence the importance of arranging them in a manner that will bring out the true beauty of the flowers.


Many people who have attempted flower arrangements have found it immensely satisfying, since it adds their personal touch making it more meaningful to the intended receiver. This activity can also stimulate your creativity and can prove to be fun, especially when done with a group of friends. Apart from tapping your creativity, flower arranging can also be cost effective since you would not need a professional to get it done for you.

The following are a few guidelines for arranging flowers:

• Maintain a balance by imagining vertical line in the centre. Place similar flowers on both sides at the same angle by placing longer stemmed flowers closer to the line

• Choose a good variety colors by balancing both dark and light colors. Do not place all dark colored flowers together and do not place them all at the top as this will appear darker in light.

• The size of the arrangement should ideally be one and half the size bigger than the container however small arrangements are also lovely

• Cut the stems of the flowers and place them in lukewarm water before storing them in a cool place.

• Mix lime soda to three quarters of water and add them to the flower container to maintain the freshness of the flowers

Flowers can be arranged using any base other than the conventional vase such as bottles, glasses, baskets and even bowls to suit your fancy. Flower arrangement is a fun and enjoyable activity therefore it will how you go about it is important as it will reflect on your end product!


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