Posted by: marinvit | 2009

Casual Wedding Dresses

Casual settings for wedding are gaining ground due to many reasons today.

As per tradition, formal weddings were definitely the order of the day but today, a lot of new ideas are being incorporated to make the entire process of planning a wedding an easy task.

Brides-to-be no longer wish to have long trails of cloth behind them; many young girls wish to bend the rules towards finding something more wearable!

Most couples prefer elegant casual weddings for many reasons. With hectic schedules and increasing work pressures, one hardly has any time to plan elaborate traditional weddings. Besides, with inflation, planning for a lavish or stylish affair often remains a dream for many.

Well, couples today have smartened up and have realized there is no point lamenting over this issue and have found an alternative solution, which is an equally fun affair!

So, how does a would-be bride fulfill her desire to be the most stunning woman on her wedding day? A set budget may not really be flexible enough to accommodate those gorgeous and elaborate wedding gowns!

Thanks to the efforts of many creative geniuses, women need not fret about not having the best of gowns. With casual wedding dresses gaining prominence, these have opened up a whole new world of trendy, stylish and beautiful gowns and dresses that are dazzling yet do not deflate the pocket!

From the traditional venues to the beautiful beaches or backyards, wedding venues have changed and so have dressing styles. You need not cringe with the thought of casual wedding dresses simply because there are many reasons you can be happy about opting for the same.

If you take a peek into your local store, you can definitely find a plethora of options from the sunny yellows to the sultry reds in a variety of styles.

Although ivory white is the most preferred color, a beach wedding for example, can allow you the option of trying something new. It need not be elaborate, you can choose something stylish and casual; an ensemble you can even wear later for any special occasion.



  1. Great information you mentioned here, thanks for your sharing and waiting to see your future posts.

  2. what a great source of information uve got here,planning a wedding, so, very helpful

  3. These casual wedding dresses are a great option I think. With more people not getting in a church nowadays these would seem perfectly suited to a more low-key, civil ceremony.

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